November 4, 2019

Medical Fact or Fiction – ABC 7 Chicago’s Windy City Live (November 2019)

Is it safe to for Mothers to share their breast milk? Can cursing really help to prevent or alleviate pain? And can women safely have sex while they have a…

August 19, 2019

How Does Breastfeeding Affect Ovulation?

Does breastfeeding affect ovulation? Most breastfeeding women assume that while they're breastfeeding they are unable to get pregnant because they do not ovulate. But that's not always the case. So…

August 12, 2019

Childbirth And Healing The Vagina

Let's face it folks, childbirth can sometimes take a toll on your ladybits. So recently Dr. I sat down with the good folks at ROMPER to talk about 5 things…

August 8, 2019

Get Labor Started – 7 Ways To Soften Your Cervix

                            When most pregnant women have reached term, they want one thing and one thing only. They…

July 29, 2019

 Vaginal steaming is a thing, but should it be? Do women really reach their sexual peaks 15 years before men? And do charcoal tooth pastes really work? Dr. J,…

July 10, 2019

Pregnancy Nausea? Here’s What To Eat

Pregnancy nausea can be the absolute worse! And while many women find that it gets better after the first trimester, for some, that is not the case. So recently Dr.…

June 3, 2019

Medical Fact or Fiction- ABC 7 Chicago’s Windy City Live (June 2019)

Can you really get STD's from toilets? Can honey really cure Cold Sores? Do some women really have 50 orgasms every 2 hours? And can breast feeding prevent breast cancer?…

May 6, 2019

Medical Fact or Fiction – ABC 7 Chicago’s Windy City Live (May 2019)

 Can smoking Cannabis and getting the munchies really cause weight loss? How are vaginas similar to fine wine? And why are some people deathly afraid of knees? Dr. J,…

April 9, 2019

Medical Fact or Fiction – ABC 7 Chicago’s Windy City Live (April 2019)

What is up with hair dryers diagnosing heart disease, q-tips in the ears causing brain infections and the way that men's brains age more slowly than women's brains? Dr. J,…

March 1, 2019

Third Trimester Blues Are Real, & Here’s Why According To An Expert

Dr. I sat down with Romper to discuss the Third Trimester Blues. What are they? Why do they happen? What can you do to prevent or treat them?  CHECK IT…

March 1, 2019

When Pregnancy Becomes a Real Headache

TwinDoctorsTV is partnering with @BlackDoctor on a monthly blog series inspired by our book Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pregnancy (But Were Too Afraid or Embarrassed to Ask).…
Everything You Ever Wanted to
Know About Pregnancy:

But Were Too
Embarrassed or Afraid to Ask

by Idries Abdur-Rahman (Goodreads Author),
Jamil Abdur-Rahman MD, Nikia Bilal (Editor)

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