By Idries Abdur-Rahman, M.D., FACOG

Oh yes, the joy’s of potty training. My wife and I took that journey five times and trust me, each time was more fun than the last. While our potty training days may be behind us, that doesn’t mean we can feel your pain. So, we are going to share our tips to help you make the transition from diapers to being potty trained as quick and easy as possible.


#1). Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery:

I hear you, that alone time on the porcelain throne is some of the only alone time that you get. How the heck are you going to catch up on the news or update your status if your little one is jibber jabbering on while you do your business. Believe it or not, your kids really watch and imitate everything that you do, including when you doo doo. So, let them see how big boys and big girls use the potty and the lack of privacy will be rewarded by less time spent in the potty training battle.


#2). Let their buns swing in the breeze:

Thats right, let those little buggers run around au-natural or at least without bottoms. Toddlers are less likely to do their business if they aren’t wearing pull-ups or underwear, even toddlers don’t want to deal with their own mess. Little tip though, restrict them to one room just in case your little angle decides to do her or his business freely, and preferably a room without carpet.


#3). Don’t be afraid of the underwear:

When they can’t run around in all of their natural glory, put on a pair of underwear, not pull-ups. They need to get accustomed to the feel of underwear and they need to become familiar with the fact that a mess in underwear is not the same as a mess in pull-ups.


#4). Reward success:

It may not feel like it, but success will eventually come and when it does come, be sure to reward your little toilet using extraordinaire. Nothing like a little something sweet or a tiny toy to encourage your child to keep up the good work!


#5). Get into a routine:

I know I’m not the only one out there who has, shall we say, a morning and afternoon routine (yes, I go twice a day, hooray for fiber and probiotics). Set aside 10-minutes once in the morning and once in the evening and within 2 weeks your toddler will have a predictable time for number two. Now, when it comes to number 1, just take a bathroom break every couple of hours. Let’s be honest, toddlers lie and if you ask, they never have to use the bathroom, so just be sure to visit the bathroom every two hours and before you know you will both be on a nice schedule.


#6). Get a blinged out potty:

If it weren’t for my smartphone and stack of aviation magazines (too much information, I know), toilet time would be a total snooze. Make toilet time fun for your toddler by getting a potty with all the bells and whistles. And yes, there literally are potties with bells and whistles. The more noise that it makes and the brighter the colors, the more your toddler will want to use it.


#7). Use pull-ups when necessary:

Pull-up isn’t a bad word. There are times when a pull-up is just what the doctor ordered including long drives and airplane flights. A big part of what drives a toddler to keep using the potty is a sense of accomplishment so don’t set her or him up to have a set back when getting to the bathroom may be difficult or impossible.


So, there you have it, 7 tips to make potty training easier for toddler and parents. Be sure to share and be sure to check out our other medical and travel blogs and of course, be sure to check us out on social media.

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