By Idries Abdur-Rahman, M.D., FACOG


“Clothing Optional” versus “Clothing Off/Nudity Expected”:

It may seem a bit nuanced but yes, there is actually a really big difference. A “clothing optional” resort or beach is just that, a resort or beach where you can either choose to wear clothing (and if you wear clothing you choose how much to wear or not wear) or go completely naked. A “clothing off” or “nudity expected” beach or resort requires that everyone be naked.


So, why be naked anyway? What are some of the benefits of going nude?

Well, you might just be surprised to learn that nudity actually has some pretty well founded health benefits.

#1). Better skin quality: Everybody sweats, it’s just a fact of life. Clothing allows the toxins that are in your sweat to remain in contact with your skin. Losing the clothing means losing some of those sweat toxins that can cause acne, irritation and rashes.


#2).Fewer skin rashes and fewer skin infections: Your body actually needs to sweat for a bunch of reasons, so sweating is actually good. Being naked when you sweat allows your pores to empty more easily which prevents them from clogging which can lead to acne and blackheads.


#3). Less Depression: Yes, you read that right, being naked can lead to less depression. Studies have shown that more nakedness leads to more cuddling, more cuddling in turn leads to higher Oxytocin levels and lower Cortisol levels. Oxytocin is the feel good hormone so the more the better. Cortisol is the stress hormone so the less the better.


#4).Better sleep quality: Now admit it, you do tend to sleep more soundly when you are sleeping in the buff. Sciences says that the ideal bedroom temp is 65 degrees, this ideal in terms of comfort and metabolism. People who sleep naked have been found to fall asleep faster and have deeper, more quality sleep.


#5). Weight loss and better blood glucose levels: Nudity, especially at night, lowers your body temperature which in turn increases your metabolism. Higher metabolism causes your body to burn that bad white fat that covers your belly, arms and love handles. This results in weight loss and better glucose metabolism.


#6). Stronger bones: Sun exposure is crucial for the body to synthesize Vitamin D. The higher your Vitamin D levels, the stronger and healthier your bones will be.


#7). An Improved body image and sense of wellbeing: Studies show that the more time you spend naked, the more likely you are to not only accept but actually grow to love your body. The more your brush those haters off, the stronger your sense of confidence and mental wellbeing.


#8). Improved fertility: Sometimes you just have to let your boys swing free. We always tell men who are trying to become fathers to lose the tighty whities and go with boxers. The further away the testicles are from your body, the lower the testicular temperature and the higher the sperm count.


#9). Keep your junk healthy: We all remember our mothers and grandmothers saying that you just have to let your nether regions breath a little bit. While your junk really can’t breath, getting a little air flow south of the boarder helps to reduce the likelihood of genital infections including vaginal yeast infections and jock itch.


So, to vacation nude or not to vacation nude, that is the question?

Nude vacations probably aren’t for everyone. The closest I have ever gotten to a nude vacation was taking an outdoor shower in the Maldives and that shower was completely cordoned off from view. I have to admit that I don’t foresee myself taking a nude vacation anytime soon but Clothing Optional and Clothing Off/Nudity Expected resorts are increasing in popularity. So, if you are considering a nude vacation, check out these links:

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