The Magic of Niagara Falls Is Real

Niagara Falls headshot

By Jamil Abdur-Rahman, M.D.

The family and I recently went on an extended weekend getaway to Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada. While we were there, I discovered something very interesting. I discovered that not only is magic real, but also that there is magic in those falls! And best believe when I tell you that there’s “magic” in those falls, I do mean that there is “M-A-G-I-C” magic in those falls! Now, let me be clear friends. I am not talking about some metaphorical magic. And I am most certainly not talking about some figurative magic. Metaphorical and figurative magic are nothing more than the stuff of children’s fairytales. No, I am talking about real life magic here. And yes, there really is a such thing as “real life magic”.

So, what is this Niagara Falls magic all about you may be wondering? And how can I even be so sure that this magic is real anyway? Well, let me answer the second question first. I can be so sure that the magic of the Niagara Falls is real because medical science has proven that it is real. And while I can, and often times do argue with many things, I cannot and will not argue with medical science. So that settles that! Now, on to the first question. What is the magic of Niagara Falls all about anyway? Well, it turns out that the magic of Falls is all about Lenard. Or, to be more specific, Niagara’s magic is all about what scientists call “The Lenard Effect”. And believe me when I tell you that the magic created by the Lenard Effect can take a hold of your mind.

The Lenard Effect

Horseshoe Niagara Falls

The Horseshoe Fall (Niagara Falls)

First, a little background on the falls. Three separate water falls make up the Niagara Falls. These falls are from largest to smallest; the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. Niagara Falls is the 9th most visited tourist site in the world, welcoming over 22,000,000 visitors annually. Collectively, over 750,000 gallons of rushing water flows over the three falls every second of every minute of every day. Now, consider that on a microscopic level water is made up of both positively and negatively charged particles. Having opposite charges, these water particles are strongly attracted to one and other and they form tight bonds. The flow of water over the falls is turbulent however. And this turbulent flow causes the water droplets within the Fall’s, as well as the negatively and positively charged particles that make up those water droplets, to smash into one and other.

niagara falls spray

Dr. J breathing in all of those negatively charged water particles.

When the water droplets of Niagara Falls smash into one and other, the tight bonds that existed between the negatively and positively charged water particles are violently broken apart. With the bonds broken, both the positively and negatively charged water particles are violently thrown into the air. This process is known as The Lenard Effect. And it is the release of negatively charged water particles into the air surrounding the Niagara Falls that is responsible for the area’s magic. Allow me to demonstrate if you will. The image below is your brain on any ordinary day in any ordinary place.

The next image is your brain as you approach Niagara Falls. Oh yeah, it’s starting to percolate just a little bit now isn’t it?

A percolating brain as one approaches the falls isn’t all that surprising though. After all, the air around the falls is rich in negatively charged water particles. And you’re breathing those bad boys in. Yeah, that’s right. Go ahead and take some big deep refreshing breaths. That feels good now doesn’t it? Oh boy, check it out! Those negatively charged particles from the atmosphere surrounding Niagara Falls are in your circulation and they’re causing the blood flow to your brain to increase dramatically. That’s right. Negatively charged particles in your circulation can increase the flow of blood to your brain. Wow! Doesn’t your memory seems to be just a little bit better now? Your thoughts a little sharper now? Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute! What’s happening here?!?! I don’t feel right! I’m starting to feel something! Something’s different! Something’s strange! Something’s…………MAGICAL!!!

Negative Ions Are Like “Good” Drugs For The Brain

Yes my friends. Much like Ecstasy and LSD, negative particles from the atmosphere not only can increase the flow of blood to your brain, they can also increase the levels of the feel-good chemical Serotonin circulating within your brain. And the results of elevated brain Serotonin levels can be nothing short of magical. In the interest of full disclosure though, the increases in Serotonin caused by exposure to the negative particles in the air around Niagara Falls are rather modest when compared to those seen after taking Ecstasy or LSD. So, while Ecstasy and LSD may leave you feeling so “magical” that you find yourself sweating uncontrollably while you contort, gesticulate and gyrate like a madman (or a madwoman); hanging out at Niagara Falls will probably just improve your mood and lessen your anxiety while also promoting an overall sense of restful calm and improved focus.

Niagara Falls Rainbow

The Bridal Veil Fall (Niagara Falls) with a rainbow in the foreground.

Now, when you can return home from any vacation with your mind feeling happy, calm and rested; bets are that you had a pretty good vacation. And that’s exactly how the negative ions rich in the air around Niagara Falls can leave your mind feeling. It should also be noted though that when a vacation leaves your mind feeling happier and healthier, frequently, it has also left your body feeling happier and healthier too. That is because people who tend to have better moods also tend to have less high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol and heart disease. So, when planning your next vacation, consider being among those 22,000,000 people who experience the magical negative ions of Niagara Falls every year. Your mind and your body will thank you.

Learn more about the history of the healing waters of Niagara Falls HERE.


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